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Tier 1 $7 / 1000 views


Tier 2 $1.5 / 1000 views


Tier 3 $0.3 / 1000 views


Tier 4 $0.05 / 1000 views

 Rest of the World


Your image uploads must comply with our TOS

Legal adult images are accepted. No illegal content such as underage or child pornography. Illegal images will be removed and IP adresses along with user data will be forwarded to the relevant authorities. Earnings from illegal images will be donated

Bots or Autosurfer traffic not allowed. System will flag user sending fake traffic. Earnings will not be paid and user account will be terminated.

Views are counted from each unique IP per 24 hours

Traffic from links on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit not allowed

Traffic from links on private sites not allowed

Redirect links not allowed

Shortened links not allowed

Multiple accounts per user not allowed


Minimum payout request is $5

Payout waiting period is 1-7 days

Payout through PayPal, Bitcoin and more options to be added


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